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Jars Budget


Stick to the Jars Budgeting System with this convenient App!Financial Teachers across the world have taught The Jars Budgeting System as the simplest and most powerful way to stay on top of your finances. Millions have used it to manage their money, get out of debt, and even find financial freedom.
Traditionally the system involves putting money in physical jars. Replace that cumbersome and time consuming technique with this easy to use and convenient app!
How to use:
Jars Budget is specifically designed for someone with 10 or less Jars such as "food, bills, fun, education, gifts, etc."
No decimals gives it a clean and unfettered look, it also makes inputting amounts quick and simple.
It was made after this design:
You input the figure to add money to your Jars and press income. That will distribute your paycheck to your Jars according to each of their percentage.
In the same input field you put how much you spent and click spend on the particular Jar you took money out of. That will decrease that Jar by that amount.
Therefore it's not a monthly budget, its ongoing all the time. The total is at the top in green.
Jars Budget was designed to be the simplest, quickest and easiest budget to work with on the google play store.